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South Indian Bank presents SIB Rewardz, a loyalty program for all valued customers. Now earn SIB Reward Points every time you use your South Indian Bank Debit Card at Point of Sale terminals or online for purchases, payments and bookings. As a South Indian Bank customer, you are auto-enrolled in this program and as a special gesture, you have been rewarded with SIB Reward Points for making payments by using your South Indian Bank Debit Card since 1st November, 2015. To activate your account and start redeeming your SIB Reward Points, please Register Now.

Max Get More

Swipe your SIB debit card in MaxGetMore outlets and accelerate your reward points. Get exciting redemption options. Download the FREE Mobile APP to check and redeem points anywhere.

Featured Products

Lighthouse Comfortable Car neck rest
1028.00 pts
Price: 257.00

Mini X6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
2420.00 pts
Price: 605.00

3D Side By Side Support Vr Box Kit
2036.00 pts
Price: 509.00

Wireless Activity Tracker - Smart Wristband
1720.00 pts
Price: 430.00

Stainless Steel Canister Set
1800.00 pts
Price: 450.00

Set Of 2 Copper Glasses & Bottle
3380.00 pts
Price: 845.00